“It makes absolutely no sense to use the most expensive creams, when meanwhile the muscles lying underneath are wasting away!”


The threefold lifting effect on your face:

  • Strengthening and building up your facial muscles
  • Tightening up and shaping your facial contours
  • Smoothing over your wrinkles by adding more volume

Facial gymnastics, facial massages, a “Face Gym” or “Face Yoga” have very little to do with my technique. Muscle volume will be increased through correct facial muscle rebuilding exercises.

The result is: The skin on your face will become tighter, thus cutting down wrinkles, and you will regain your beautiful, youthful and firm facial contours.

Now try a few of the exercises!

In this excerpt from my book, I have included some exercises you can try. After just these few exercises, your face will feel warm and rich with fresh blood circulation.

Click here to read the excerpt and exercises

Where I can help?

If you look in the mirror and you notice that your face is getting thinner and steadily losing more of its volume, and that your youthful contours are slipping downwards more and more through muscle weakening and loss – in fact so many wrinkles originate in exactly this way, that I call them “gravity wrinkles” – then my specially formulated facial muscle training program will help you very quickly and effectively. Please pay a bit less attention to those lines, which can often lend a certain "character" to your face, and which don’t necessarily make you look older. If, however, the facial muscles get too slack and are pulled downwards by gravity, then your youthful looks will fade pretty quickly, because then even the best cream in the world won’t be of any use!

Many people keep their whole bodies fit and young through exercise! Why not do the same for your face?

Everyone knows what to do if they have a flabby belly. Many start exercising their stomach muscles straight away, and they know that after a little while it’s going to get smoother and firmer. You can achieve the same positive results with your face through facial muscle training, because just as you can train in the gym, for example, to develop a tighter belly or butt, it’s also possible to strengthen and shape your eyes, cheeks, forehead, lips, throat or chin through specific exercises.

Basically it’s quite logical:

With regular training of the facial muscles, you are giving gravity little chance of pulling your facial contours downwards. In addition to this, firm muscles will keep the overlying skin nice and tight, which will in turn lead to fewer wrinkles. You can then try out as many creams or other products as you like – if at the same time you are not building up and strengthening your facial musculature, you will not then be able to counteract the aging process with any great success.

With only a small expenditure of time - ten minutes a day - and without any risk involved, facial muscle training is the gentlest and most effective way of gaining and then maintaining a youthful and natural look.

“It’s not the wrinkles that we pick up over the years which make us look “old”, it’s predominately our sagging face muscles.”

How it works

Facial gymnastics, facial massage, facial yoga or “Face Gym” have little to do with my technique. My technique’s proven principle is based upon a controled and active building up process of all the facial muscle groups in the face and neck.

To regain more volume and get your firm and youthful contours back, it is essential to build up and strengthen your facial muscles. This will only work if you make demands or actively exercise your muscles above an everyday level. This is the only way you can trigger "growth stimulation" to the muscles and thereby activate what is known as capillarization. This increases the supply of energy to the muscle cells. And this is exactly what needs to happen to regain your facial volume and more solid and youthful contours. This however can not be attained through gentle facial gymnastics, massage or similar programs.

My method and the training program I have specifically formulated wil cause the facial muscles beneath your skin to becomes firmer and larger once again. In this way, your face will become "padded", so that some wrinkles will diminish automatically or even disappear altogether. Your face will naturally look firm and youthful again. It is just working in the same way as it does with all the other muscles of our body: We exercise our muscles, and we regain our tight and attractive figure.

immediate effect

You will see an immediate effect after your first exercise session. The blood flow will be powerfully stimulated and, from that very first day onwards, your face will become rosy and fresh.

1 week

After about a week your contours will start to reform and get firmer all over again. Your face will regain its volume.

1 month

After about a month your face will become smoother and firmer. The properties of a youthful face will start to return.

a lifetime

With proper facial muscle training you will achieve a visible smoothing effect and counteract the aging process in a natural way.

My book: Facial Muscle Training
The Revolution in Natural Facelifting

ISBN 978-3-9503612-7-8


The book became a bestseller in the German-speaking territories and sparked huge interest. In it you will find out, without having to wade through medical jargon and in a very clear and logically comprehensible manner, what an enormous effect a slack facial muscle system has on our appearance and on the aging process. Quite simply, with proper training of the facial muscles you can exercise yourself back into a youthful appearance.

In this book you will learn the best and most effective exercises for developing a firm and youthful face. In the shortest time, and with a few - but very efficient - exercises you will soon regain your youthful facial contours. All the exercises are demonstrated in full detail using step-by-step color photos and you are given comprehensive instructions on their duration and on the number of repetitions required. You will easily be able to integrate this "rejuvenation training" into a daily practice.

This method is an anatomically-tested training concept that will last for years, and is created to streamline and strengthen the entire muscle system – from forehead to neckline – in a short timespan.

In this book "beauty" is considered holistically, and in the second part you will discover some thoroughly tried and tested health and beauty tips - but I don’t suggest that every tip will work for everyone. Here I also address certain life situations, which can affect our health and appearance negatively and which are too often underestimated. So you will learn some simple tips with which you can in the shortest space of time raise your overall radiance and charismatic effect on people using natural materials or alterations and which cost next to nothing. Self-confidence and vitality become the logical outcomes.

This book is a valuable reference for all who want to maintain their natural beauty and winning charisma into a ripe old age and using natural means.

“We train our bodies to stay fit and young - why not our faces as well?”

Before and After Pictures

vorher/nachher Bild
After 4 months
The double chin has reduced significantly
vorher/nachher Bild
After 3 months
The laugh lines at the sides of the mouth have almost disappeared
vorher/nachher Bild
After 5 months
The neck appears much slimmer, the double chin has as good as disappeared

Frequently asked questions

Can I just do one part of the exercises?


Yes you can. When it comes to the face, you can’t exercise just one single muscle in isolation. They are all interwoven and so it’s still going to be worthwhile even if you only work on your particular problem zones.

After a training session I have marks on my face where my fingers were. Am I doing something wrong?


You are actually pressing down too hard with your hands and fingers. Your fingers are only supposed to ease your facial lines gently to the side, to keep them stretched out during the exercise. Or you just use your fingertips, as in the eye exercises for example, to avoid getting crow’s feet when you tense up your lower lids. The forehead exercise is the only one where you might have slight pressure marks when it’s finished. Here you must maintain a slightly firmer pressure during the whole exercise – consistently downwards and to the side – to avoid a build-up of wrinkles on the forehead above your index fingers and on the frown line between your eyebrows.

I don’t seem to be able to stop my forehead moving during the eye exercises. Can you give me some advice?


It can be done, but for some it’s a bit difficult at first, especially for people with strong features. With a little practice and concentration you can make it work pretty quickly. I can suggest the following tip: Before you do the exercise, try this preliminary exercise without touching your eyes. Sit or stand upright and look yourself in the eyes in a mirror. It’s as if you are fixing your eyes with your own gaze. Then try again to tense up your lower lid gently as if you are trying to read very small writing, or imagining that you are looking straight into a light that’s dazzling you. At the start make small movements and while doing so focus on not moving your forehead. In the process your upper lid goes downwards, but not so much that you can only make out yourself in outline. Your eyes are almost shut but not completely. When you have done this exercise a few times, you can then try to continue with the exercise as originally described, but now using your fingers. You will see that it gets better from one day to the next, and soon you will be able to keep your forehead still without having to go through the preliminary exercise.

Can I do the exercises without putting my hands on my face?


No, the hands are there to work against the facial lines, which can result from the starting positions for many of the exercises. For example, when you tighten up the lower eyelid, you are training the eye socket muscle, in order to make your eyes wider and brighter again. While you are doing this tensing, the crow’s feet are pulled together a bit and you can counteract this with a little gentle pressure from the index fingers. The same goes for the lip exercise. If you press your lips together, without using your fingers to pull the mouth wide, you will certainly be exercising your mouth ring muscle, but you won’t be able to do it and keep the top lip and the area around the corners of the mouth smooth at the same time.

My shoulders and neck are always very tense after the exercises. What am I doing wrong?


Assume an upright posture and try to move just your arms and hands easily towards your face, without lifting your shoulders or contracting your neck while doing so. Concentrate on bringing just your arms to your face in a relaxed fashion. Keep your shoulders dropped and don’t make them do any work.

Will this training make my skin baggy?


No, of course not, and I think my own face is the best evidence of that. If that were the case, I would have a face which would look like it was wearing skin one size too big. But the opposite is the case. The training will increase your muscle volume, and thus your skin will get tighter and your wrinkles smoothed out. Your skin won’t get overextended, pulled hard or otherwise disrupted or mistreated in any way.

Is your training program suitable for men?


Yes it’s exactly the same for men and they will benefit just as much from these exercises. I have already had many male clients, although up to now women have clearly been in the majority.

I am not sure exactly where I am supposed to place my hands or fingers.


The fingers or hands are only there on your face to stretch your facial lines out during the exercises or to enclose one particular muscle group. Every face is different; some people have a wide face, and others a narrow one, a high forehead or a low one, thin or full lips, more or fewer wrinkles, etc. You can use one finger, more than one or the whole palm to gently smooth out the facial lines. Observe your own face closely in front of the mirror, and place one finger, several or the whole hand on the precise spot where you want to smooth out your face. Your muscles will become firmer and larger through these exercises, all of your muscle tissue will become tauter and thus your wrinkles will be reduced. I have often heard women saying, “I feel my muscles getting stronger already, and now I have to smooth my face out a lot less”. For you too the way you place your hands or fingers will change somewhat over time.

How do I know that I’m doing the exercises correctly?


You will definitely feel it, your face feels warm after the exercises and saturated with blood. Once you have learned to place your hands and fingers correctly, you can carry out the exercises with all the energy you have at your disposal. Then, after a few exercises, you will feel the physiological processes that the training activates beneath the skin, such as better oxygen supply and blood circulation. Just moving the muscles back and forth a bit is not enough, because you’ll feel very little. Please look at the instructions and the pictures in the book carefully, and read the opening chapters several times, until you feel confident about it all.

I often have mineral baths but only include about three table-spoons of sodium bicarbonate, whereas you recommend half a kilo (one pound). A woman in the pharmacist’s thought that was too much – and how can you stand being in there for three hours?


Many varieties of mineral bath solutions are available, and they are mostly recommended to be taken for between half to one hour maximum. These have a good effect on the skin and on one’s general well-being. I am talking about an alkaline bath – known as a Natron bath – which over a prolonged period penetrates right through to the organs, and produces an inner deacidification. This technique is hardly ever used nowadays. I have been practicing this technique for many years and I know health practitioners who recommend these baths to almost everyone. Sodium carbonate decahydrate, also known as Natron, is very cheap and has been put to many different uses. That time-scale of at least three hours is of course a bit of a drag. I have a television on the wall of my bathroom so I can watch a good film. Alternatively I will read. You have to find your own way of enduring it but it’s worth the effort. From time to time you will have to keep adding warm water to maintain the temperature, but that does mean that the amount of Natron in the bath gets somewhat diluted.

Can my face actually get narrower through this training?


No, this isn’t possible, as your facial muscles are actually built up and strengthened by my exercises, which means muscle volume is increased and that your face will thus gain volume again. This goal will always be reached if you train consistently and regularly.

I am vegetarian; can I still achieve this greater facial volume?


The fact is that, to build up muscle, egg white and proteins are very helpful, but this does not mean that you have to eat a lot of meat. There are now power athletes, who follow a vegetarian or even vegan diet, so that’s the best evidence you can have. However, these people get their needs met from high-quality plant-based foods. So make sure that you too eat a balanced diet from plant sources.

What happens if I do not train for a long period or stop exercising completely?


Here I always answer with the following counter-question: What happens when you exercise your body on a regular basis and then - for whatever reason - stop and do no sport whatsoever? I hardly know any women who ever stop doing facial muscle training, and why should they, when the success is so motivating and the time expenditure so small after the first few weeks? However, if you do stop training your facial muscles, the same thing will happen as with ending your physical training: There will be continuous muscle loss. It will take about four months for you to be back where you started. It’s best to preserve your hard-won results with ten minutes of training five times a week, rather than giving up.

My method has been reported on in the media numerous times.


About me

Foto von Frau Gugler

I found out all about this method of facial muscle training in the USA in the mid-nineties. This natural form of facelifting fascinated and won me over because of its quick and visible effect, and it confirmed to me that the facial muscles have considerably more influence on the way we look than the dreaded wrinkles do.

I started working intensively with this method, and studied the anatomy of the face and how every single facial muscle works. During this time it became clear to me, among other things, that it made absolutely no sense to employ the most expensive creams when at the same time under the surface of the skin the muscles, as it were, are becoming slack and withering away.

I developed a specialized exercise program, with which you can achieve a maximum effect in a short time, using only a few practices, but very effective ones.

In 2004

I opened my Visageforme-Studio for facial muscle rebuilding exercise in Linz, Austria.

Up to this point this method was barely known in Austria. Shortly afterwards, though, there was a lot of coverage across the media of me and my method. There soon followed numerous invitations to appear on television, give lectures and make various other appearances.

In 2005

I began, at seminars and conferences both at home and abroad, to convey my knowledge of the interrelationship between the facial muscles and their influence upon the aging process.

Some more progressive plastic surgeons, who have themselves recognized the therapeutic benefits of facial muscle training, now started to support me publicly.

In 2011

my first book – Facial Muscle Training, the Revolution in Natural Facelifting – appeared and became a bestseller.

In 2014

my book was translated into four languages, appearing in English, French, Polish and Italian editions.


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